Downsizing: downsize the second half

You can see why¬†Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) would want to scale himself and his life down to five inches. It helps save the planet: you eat less, you create less waste - but most importantly you can live a lavish life for less. Once you are 'downsized' you can live like you're a retiree (but... Continue Reading →


Brad’s Status: An internal journey we’ll all recognise

In a nutshell Brad takes his son to look at colleges. That's about it. That sums this film up nicely. Not much else actually happens. You need know no more than that. But sooo much happens. It's just that it happens on the inside. Bred goes on an internal existential journey that is so accurate... Continue Reading →

Stronger: preview screening

Hold tight. Brace yourself. You're going to live every moment of this two hour battle. Your neck's going to be tense, your back's going to be tense, you're going to have your hands over your eyes - a lot. Phew, it is stressful, raw, real, gritty. This is one man's story of surviving the Boston... Continue Reading →

He walks

The tall man walks. He walks through the village. He doesn't live there but he walks there. Every day he walks there. His face is tanned. It is wrinkled and leathery - he must smoke or have smoked. The lines show the inhalations - one after another, after another. His eyes have squinted hundreds of... Continue Reading →

Spinning into mindfulness. Literally

Push, push, puuuuuuuush. (for the record I'm not in labour). If your legs aren't burning, if you're not crying then you need to turn it up. Upppppppp. Puuuuush. You won't get fitter unless it hurts. It needs to huuuuuuurt. Huuuuuuuuurt. I'm sweating. If I move at all then my sweat flicks onto fellow spinners in... Continue Reading →

The day I mugged my mother

My mother couldn't be more unconventional. However, she has recently proclaimed that she wants to be "less conventional". This is an impossible task. We recently took a little early evening train journey to visit her cousin Donny who was visiting for two days from Rome. All trips with my mother can be quite fraught¬†- but... Continue Reading →

Eight values of art

This is my first proper art lesson with Colin (find out who Colin is here). Well actually it's my second. In the first one we discussed so many things so quickly and so excitedly that we didn't properly track what we were learning. But that first hour I spent with Colin was magic. I learnt... Continue Reading →

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