Unsane: insane that this is filmed on an iPhone

To be perfectly honest I didn't really have any interest in this film. It sounded harrowing and I don't think that's what any of us need in our lives! But I was intrigued. How good could something really be if it was filmed on an iPhone? I sort of imagined it would be pretty jerky... Continue Reading →


Lady Bird makes me understand my mum’s abusive texts

Lady Bird is basically a story about a mother-daughter relationship, which is why it was so apt that my mum texted me just before I went to see it. The weather in the UK is currently snowing and you'd be mad to drive but when I went to see this film it was just a... Continue Reading →

Stronger: preview screening

Hold tight. Brace yourself. You're going to live every moment of this two hour battle. Your neck's going to be tense, your back's going to be tense, you're going to have your hands over your eyes - a lot. Phew, it is stressful, raw, real, gritty. This is one man's story of surviving the Boston... Continue Reading →

He walks

The tall man walks. He walks through the village. He doesn't live there but he walks there. Every day he walks there. His face is tanned. It is wrinkled and leathery - he must smoke or have smoked. The lines show the inhalations - one after another, after another. His eyes have squinted hundreds of... Continue Reading →

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