Spinning into mindfulness. Literally

Push, push, puuuuuuuush. (for the record I'm not in labour). If your legs aren't burning, if you're not crying then you need to turn it up. Upppppppp. Puuuuush. You won't get fitter unless it hurts. It needs to huuuuuuurt. Huuuuuuuuurt. I'm sweating. If I move at all then my sweat flicks onto fellow spinners in... Continue Reading →


Flow: the nirvana of everyday lifeĀ 

We are all searching. Fundamentally we're searching for our role in the world. What am I here for? It can't be what I'm currently doing at this second- wondering what the hype is about Ed Sheehan (new album released today - do I quite like it, is it as good as everyone's saying...). I can't... Continue Reading →

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